Papineau Homes Will Not Be Continuing

Hello friends, it’s Kevin.

I’m afraid this update is a sad one.

Emily and I recently came to learn that the paperwork we required to close the sale on the property we expected to build on would not be complete when we needed it.

Without our name on title, there are no permits, no insurance, no financing, no construction. There was no way we would be able to start in time to have a sealed envelope for the fall, which meant we would have to delay the project by a year.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Emily and I needed to spend what contingency we had a change of accommodation where we could remain close to where our build site was. We’re neither in a position to delay building a year, nor to afford an increase in the cost of materials as a result of delaying our project.

So, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to cut our losses, and discontinue building. We’ll instead be searching for a house to move into that can accommodate our family.

I sincerely thank our friends and family who have been following and supporting this project since it began in 2021. I’m so sorry that we will not be seeing this through.

We wish everyone a life of joy.