Hi everyone. It’s Kevin from Project: Yellow Submarine.

I’ll start this update with an apology for our projects going radio silent since May 2023.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, me and Emily unexpectedly moved up our timeline with Project: Yellow Submarine. I mentioned in May that we were considering services like Beaver Homes and Cottages. We did, in fact, decide to use them to develop our building plans. We approved our initial drawings a few weeks ago, and are waiting for our final blueprints. Once we have them, I’ll for sure make a video talking about our selection process and why we chose them to bring our design to life.

We’re also in the process of having lot severances approved so that we can take possession of land and start building, hopefully this spring! There are a lot of steps involved in that process, so it takes time.

So: Where does that leave us now? When should you expect our next video?

…I don’t know.

For the foreseeable future, our content is going to focus on Project: Yellow Submarine, so our content strategy will need to be updated to reflect that. Stuff is happening. And I’m capturing artifacts that I can present in video content later, but there isn’t anything tangible right now to show you. It’s all paperwork in the process of being completed, isn’t entirely completed yet and I don’t know when it will be.

Now that snow has finally come to Mattawa, I plan on taking some scenic winter photos around the property. I just need to make some time when everyone isn’t sick and the roads aren’t completely snowed over. I’m also sharing home renovation content from other channels to offer a glimpse of the sorts of things I’m thinking about until I get a chance to make a video about it.

And as always, I welcome your comments and questions!

Please stay tuned. I promise, there is more coming in 2024.

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