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  • Livestream: May 18, 2024

    Livestream: May 18, 2024

    Kevin produced a livestream on May 18, 2024. He talked about these Project: Yellow Submarine updates.

  • Welcome to 2024!

    Welcome to 2024!

    Kevin from Project: Yellow Submarine provides updates on moving forward with plans by Beaver Homes, lot severances, and project developments in 2024.

  • Preparing The Shoe – Part 3

    Preparing The Shoe – Part 3

    In Part 3, work continues. And we introduce a very, VERY important part of the process we had to look after.

  • Preparing The Shoe – Part 2

    Preparing The Shoe – Part 2

    In Part 2, we do some painting, start setting up the new HVAC system, and show Project: Yellow Submarine’s accommodation for a few weeks.

  • Preparing The Shoe – Part 1

    Preparing The Shoe – Part 1

    In Part 1 of “Preparing The Shoe”, we unload our skid-steer loader, prime one of the kids’ bedrooms, and prepare the utility room.

  • Home Design Considerations

    Home Design Considerations

    Planning has started for each of the teams future dwellings at Papineau Homes. What questions do you have about building a rural home?

  • Red Carr Moves To The Shoe

    Red Carr Moves To The Shoe

    In July of 2021, Project: Red Carr moved into The Shoe, as the first part of the plan to eventually create new dwellings on the property.

  • Introduction


    This video introduces the 3 main projects/dwellings of Papineau Homes, the people behind them, and their reasons for pursuing this project.

  • Teaser


    3 families, starting a new chapter — together. These are our Papineau Homes.